Welcome to Raj Public school

chhanbe block is located in the Kingdom Mirzapur district public school. This modestly Bdveranath sacred temple between earth and full of natural beauty, away from the noise in a quiet environment is located. The resulting concentration of pupils studying modern environment to get environment. School of Natural and modern premises for educational and curricular activities is helpful in providing appropriate enabling environment.

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   From the Desk of Director

RPS is the result of that great inspiration Which I have received from my own grand father late Sri Raj Narayan Dubey who was well known as “Sudama” for his own primal qualities to humanity where man and nature touch blend.

Etiquettes and humanism was not only in his action but also in his blood that is still running in his family in this concern I can’t help thinking of my father late Mr. Manika Prasad Dwivedi who is my Ideal and had a deep understanding of human life and I have learnt in his loving lap that a man become angle when love rules over his heart and his thought even today are with us and they work as better solution at the critical moment in our life he longed

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   Vision & Mission

This institution came in being only after deep inspiration of my late elder brother Sri Chandrika Prasad Dubey being a regional bank manager and also a good thinker, and also a untired efforts and admirable dedication of my son Vinod Kumar Dwivedi the worth son of my late younger brother Shri Manika Prasad Dubey.

Our mission is establishing the public school is not purely commercial, but to provide the true knowledge to the children through difficult possible methods and take other alround development.

Truly speaking children take birth with the same ability and talents. The important thing is that they should be given the favourable atmosphere in the guidance of able

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